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NATURE: Knowing the unknown!

Nature has given us everything. It has given us the freedom to enjoy many resources in all the possible ways we want, whether it is polluting or non-polluting. Moreover, it has also gifted us the antidotes for pollution. The bad thing is that we haven't opened the gift box yet. Feeling strange? Well, let me share the topic more broadly. I just started thinking about the pollution and thinking about it wasn't the first time, but this time I researched on it deeply, not on pollution but in fact, about the air purifiers, the antidotes that nature has gifted us. I'll add that these are plants having special features. At the beginning, I started researching about the plants which could purify air even during nights, high oxygen producing plants, etc.... I thought there would hardly be such type of plants around us as we know that imagination and reality meet each other rarely. But, I got unexpected results from Google. In this case, imagination and reality had already met each other long ago. In fact, I was surprised and flattered. I was amused to know there were many such plants that I never thought would exist. Only after exploring them deeply, I realized that I was a big dumbo in this field of science. Haha! Now, I'll explain about some plants that amused me a lot. They are namely, Garden mum, Peace lily, Snake plant and Spider plant. There were many other plants but I sticked on with these four. It was like love at first sight for me on these plants. I would also like to rank them as 1st to 4th respectively. These plants are capable of removing VOC, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, benzene, acetone, and many other harmful gases around us. When these gases are removed from our surroundings, our eye sight increases, lung problems are reduced, good heart is maintained and many more benefits are procured. More importantly, you get lots of fresh oxygen to breath. I would also like to inform that the snake plant gives out oxygen even during nights.
Wasn't that interesting? Explore these plants and I'm sure even you'd love to start indoor gardening as I've decided to do so as soon as possible. You can buy these plants on the website:
Things which are important for life to sustain are sold at very low prices but not many are interested in them, while the things which are of no use, instead harmful to us like jewelries are sold for immensely high prices and everyone gets attracted towards them so soon that no one can imagine. World is far better than we think. Let's change our thoughts!
A humble request from me: I don't want any popularity, just share the information and help mother nature in saving our own lives. If you want more information about the written topic, feel free to ask in comments. I'll try my best to convince you. Thank you.