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NATURE: Knowing the unknown!

Nature has given us everything. It has given us the freedom to enjoy many resources in all the possible ways we want, whether it is polluting or non-polluting. Moreover, it has also gifted us the antidotes for pollution. The bad thing is that we haven't opened the gift box yet. Feeling strange? Well, let me share the topic more broadly. I just started thinking about the pollution and thinking about it wasn't the first time, but this time I researched on it deeply, not on pollution but in fact, about the air purifiers, the antidotes that nature has gifted us. I'll add that these are plants having special features. At the beginning, I started researching about the plants which could purify air even during nights, high oxygen producing plants, etc.... I thought there would hardly be such type of plants around us as we know that imagination and reality meet each other rarely. But, I got unexpected results from Google. In this case, imagination and reality had already met each …